The wind started to blow, the waves grew and the sky became dark. The storm was here and once again, and you are in the center of it. The tension builds inside because you’ve been here so many times. Those memories do not soften the blow because you recall how it hurts to be knocked down. However, this time, something was different inside because the storm had a newly discovered purpose: to rearrange and cleanse. It was a perfect storm. The kind you fear entering, but afterwards learn had some purpose; though certainly not one of your agenda items, one that is actually beneficial, But the storm is His desire; to make you more like Him. This buffeting is different though, because for the first time, it dawns on you that:

The enemy is not the outward storm, but the fear and tension that wells up inside of you. This time, you understand more deeply as you enter the storm, instead of only as an afterthought, that it has an essential purpose; to cleanse and rearrange.

While being buffeted, only trust in the voice that beckons “be steady now”. “Stand firm and do not lose heart”. “Be strong in the power of His might”. Do not panic, but trust. The storm on the outside, as always, was powerful, but this time the one on the inside was weaker.