About Us

We’re a greeting card company that’s striving to be the source you’ll turn to when seeking a sensitive voice to let those dealing with hurt in their lives know you care.

Our Desire

We want to help you shine hope through the storms of life, and help you express thoughts that might otherwise be difficult due to delicate situations.


Everyone needs hope! Let those you care about know you’ll be there with them as storms pass, clouds of uncertainty lift, and brightness returns.

John Salvesen


Dr. John Salvesen has been in ministry for 28 years; the last 25 as pastor of a church he helped start. He has helped his congregants walk through various difficult circumstances like divorce, poor health and economic stress, but has enjoyed sharing good times with them as well. John has been married to Carolyn for 32 years. They have four children and one grandchild.

Zach Warner

Writer/Editor/Card Development

Zach Warner received his BA in Journalism at the University of North Texas. Zach harnessed his craft while serving as a full-time staff member for newspapers and freelance writer for various magazines and online publications. He uses his extensive writing background to provide the wording for a wide variety of Hopeful Expressions cards, and enjoys creating cards that are thought-provoking and touching.

Dan White

Graphic Design

A professionally trained, hands on multimedia designer who enjoys helping clients to create just the right expression that best reflects their creative needs. Being a designer for many years has given me the privilege of working in various industry arenas and interacting with many types of clients. Saved by grace ensures a hope for the future and allows me to live life to the fullest every day and not just for the weekends. Reading, gardening, biking, parenting and fellowship are just a few things of life I enjoy doing.

Tim Miller

Web & Marketing

Tim is an award winning video producer/editor with many years experience in the media industry. During the past 10 years, he’s focused on web development as well as marketing and problem solving. He enjoys seeing life “through the lens.” He’s an enthusiastic, right-brained creative with just enough detail to be dangerous.